1. Data collection is operated and managed by SMART GATEWAY JOINT STOCK COMPANY (Old name: SMARTADV COMPANY LIMITED), specializing in online booking services of air ticket and other related services. To secure customer's personal data, we build up "privacy policy" when customer registering an account with us and using our services on

The privacy policy is for the purpose of data collecting, filing and processing of passenger's personal information and how the information is being used in our system.

2. How information is collected

Customer's personal information is collected by two forms: (i) customer registers an account in our website or fills information when booking in our website; (ii) customer's information is automatically recorded by our system such as website including IP address, browser type and resolution by programs analyzing customer behavior for statistical purposes.

3. How customer's information is being used? We only use customer's personal information for the purpose of selling our products and services providing in our website including:
  • Booking, making reservation and issuing ticket to customers, including online booking;
  • Updating information on services, prices and promotional programs to customer;
  • Surveying and getting feedback, comments from customers for improving our service quality;
  • Contacting customer for solving customer's requirements;
  • Tightening safety for online payment transactions;
4. What types of personal information to be collected? The following information is collected:
  • Personal information: full name, year of birth, gender, identity card number or passport; personal information such as place of birth, nationality or language ...;
  • Contact information: telephone number, fax number, email address, mailing address;
  • Payment information: account number, debit/credit card number and expiration date;
  • Company information: company name, contact address, tax code, telephone number;
  • Additional information: personal information of frequent customers such as home address, personal email, habits, hobbies … for the purpose of special policy.
In the case customer registering an account on our website for receiving price updating information or promotion programs from us, our system will automatically collect information and make necessary analysis of customer's preferences for optimal solution.

5. Usage of collected data

The customer's information registered on our website is only used for improving our services. We ensure that your information is provided to reliable third parties such as airlines, related service providers such as transportation/accommodation agencies, state government agencies or visa approval agency...).

6. Rights of customer on personal information collected

Any customer who has information on our system has the following rights:
  • Request to review the information collected
  • Request to copy the information collected
  • Request to modify, supplement the information collected
  • Request to stop collecting information
  • Request to delete the information collected
We collect customer information for every specific service. Customer can provide partially or wholly information or refuse to provide any information. However, refusal of providing information may influence on our service quality. We, therefore, expect to get customer support in provision of correct information. To protect customer's rights (review, copy, modify, supplement or delete information) for collected data, we respectfully request customer to sign in your account on to make changes or to contact us for support.

7. Exemption of responsibility

We commit to keep confidential customer's information and limit illegal access from unauthorized parties to our system unless we are attacked by hacker. We do not take any legal responsibility due to failure of customer for not obeying our security policy or cusomer's information is leaked not from our database system.

8. Change the privacy policy

Our privacy policy can be adjusted and changed to fit with the actual situation. These changes will be updated on the website
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