www.flynow.vn(“website”) is the e-commercial website, specialized in supplying online booking and selling air tickets of domestic and international airlines, being operated and managed by SMART GATEWAY JOINT STOCK COMPANY (Old name: SMARTADV COMPANY LIMITED). Customers using our services have to agree with our terms and conditions. Therefore, before clicking on "yes" button, please read carefully

1. General conditions

1.1. Read, understand and agree with all terms and conditions stipulated in www.flynow.vn

1.2 Read, understand and agree with terms and conditions relating to booking, making reservation, and other services on our system, especially terms about changes of itineraries, refund, cancellation which is applicable to tickets of LCC, promotional tickets or ticket with specific conditions.

1.3. Low Cost Carriers (LLC) do not need to comply with transportation regulations of International Airline Transport Association (IATA). LCC could regulate its own regulations. Customers can study these regulations in the public system of LCC or require our staff to advise.

1.4. For making reservation, booking or issuing air ticket in our system, you need to have an email address or an active mobile phone number. Customers agree that all transactions made by customers shall be confirmed through registered email address or telephone number in our website.

1.5. Customers allow us to use registered personal information for the purpose of making reservation, booking or issuing air ticket, including but not limited to claims relating to customer's booking, making reservation or issuing air ticket.

1.6. Customers booking or using services in our system directly or indirectly (booking for relatives or friends) have to ensure that personal information of passengers must be accuracy and match with information on their identifications (identity card, passport and visa) for travelling by airway or residing purposes.

1.7. Customers have to study information on entry visa or transit visa required by the destination. We are not responsible for any legal responsibilities or compensations if customers do not satisfy conditions set by nations at destination on entry/transit visa or other conditions, specifically:

    - Customer has purchased air ticket but being late which resulted in missing the flight.

    - Customer has purchased air ticket, but not following the scheduled journey.

    - Customer are denied by Airlines due to having no visa or fake visa, no passport, passport overdue or less than validity time limit, no ID or overdue ID or unusable ID, lacking of necessary documents when travelling with children or infant, travelling without insurance, pregnant women with over permitted months, passengers are not allowed by doctor to travel by airway v.v...

1.8 We are not responsible for any technical errors that is understood as technical issues of Airlines which we are agent or having business relationship. Airlines shall be responsible for fixing all technical problems and we have no responsibility in the following cases:

    - Any delays or changes of flight schedule made by airlines;

    - The services quality of airline services and other related services (quality of meals, luggage loss, etc.)

1.9. All claims relating to travelling shall be made by customers directly with carried airlines in accordance with national and international regulations.

1.10. We are not responsible for any compensations to customers if mistakes are originated from customers or in force major cases such as natural disaster, epidemic diseases, fire hazard, flood, war, emergency or decision made by competent authority etc.

1.11. In any cases, the maximum compensation made by us to customer is equal or lower than the service fee that customer paid to us;

1.12. The website www.flynow.vn is operated and managed by SMART GATEWAY JOINT STOCK COMPANY (Old name: SMARTADV COMPANY LIMITED) which is property of SMART GATEWAY JOINT STOCK COMPANY. Any usage of its name, image, or coping any contents under any forms is considered as violation and illegal;

2. Booking air ticket

    2.1. Booking

      2.1.1. Customer can book/hold/request issuing air ticket or use other services in our system by (i) self-booking or giving instructions on www.flynow.vn; (ii) chatting with our staff via our public nick chat on website; (iii) call our office via public telephone number; and (iv) book at our office;

      2.1.2. The following information is compulsory to customers for booking/making reservation/issuing air ticket:

        - Personal information of the direct user (full name, email, active phone number and date of birth (applicable to infant (0 ≤ 2 year-old) and children (2 ≥ 12 year-old);

        - Flight itinerary with specific information such as departure/arrival destination, departure date, arrival date, service class, quantity and special requirements (overweight or oversized baggage …)

        - Selection of payment and information for the purpose of VAT invoice (if any);

      2.1.3. The air fare public on www.flynow.vn is real time price and can not be fixed as we are unable to control number of online bookings. We are only able to manage the price within time limit given by Airlines, however, we are not responsible for any shortening of time limit made by Airlines without prior notice.

      2.1.4. Customers agree that www.flynow.vn may provide information of promotion price of some airlines at a certain time during the month. However, we are not responsible to guarantee that such promotion price is always available as it might be fully booked or sold out.

      2.1.5. Customer is responsible for the accuracy of information provided in 2.1.2 as well as selected itinerary. We will make necessary proceedings to hold your itinerary. However, we are unable to ensure that all customer's requirements are remain unchanged due to (i) the price offered online might not be available very soon after your booking because of first come first server policy; (ii) airlines change their policy and shorten time for issuing ticket but we are unable to contact customer by all means to get confirmation; (iii) airlines combine flights, cancel a part a whole itinerary because of safety and security reason which resulted in changing customer's initial itinerary;

      2.1.6. Our process from taking booking order to issuing air ticket:

        a) Online orders:
        (1) Customers make booking online (2) Our system taking booking order and sending confirmation to customer: (i) itinerary (ii) prices with full taxes, fee, charge/surcharge; (iii) customer's information; (iv) other requests (3) customers send confirmation letter, select modes of payment and information for VAT invoice (if any) (4) Customers make payment (5) We issue ticket and send/deliver ticket upon customer's request.

        b) Booking via telephone: After receiving booking order from customer, our staff will confirm all information about itinerary as well as other requests of customer. Customer, then send SMS message to reconfirm and make payment, we issue and deliver ticket upon customer’s request

        c) Booking at our office: Our staff taking customer's requests, consulting and guiding customer in details, customers agree and pay, we issue air ticket and handover to customer.

      2.1.7. All the booking via any of the above three approaches in 2.1.7. all have booking code. When payment has not been made by customer, our booking code is not air ticket and can not be used to check-in. Booking code is only valid when payment is made on time and ticket is issued by us.

    2.2. Payment

      2.2.1. Customers can select one of the following payment modes and we only issue ticket when receiving full payment from customer or receiving bank confirmation

        i) Payment via payment gate;

        ii) Payment via internet banking to one of our bank accounts;

        iii) Payment by cash deposit to one of our bank accounts;

        iv) Payment via ATM transfer;

        v) Payment by cash deposit to one of our bank accounts;

        vi) Payment by cash at one of booking offices;

        vii) Deliver ticket and collect payment at customer’s address;

      2.2.2. Customer is responsible for paying bank charges/fees when making payment to us according bank regulations. Customer request ticket delivery and collect payment shall have to pay extra fee for ticket delivery published in our website;

      2.2.3. Every booking of customer has payment code with 9 digits. When making payment to us via bank transfer or internet banking, the content of payment should be written “payment for booking number...”. When completing payment via ATM, customer should call or send us a confirmation message with content “payment has been made for booking number....”, we then will issue ticket and deliver to customer.

      2.2.4. In some special circumstances, although ticket is issued and payment is completed, airlines may still change the airfare, cancel a part or a whole itinerary. In these cases, we will immediately inform customer by all possible means (email, call, SMS) and customers retain the right to agree to continue itinerary with changes or to request for refund. In the case of refund, we will proceed according to airlines' regulations then refund to customer when we receive from airlines. Airlines will be responsible directly to customers for any further claims relating to changes after ticket issued.

      2.2.5. Customer should wait for our confirmation letter to confirm itinerary and price before making payment for online booking. We are not responsible for any compensation for price change if customer making payment before receiving confirmation from us.

    2.3. Issuing air ticket

      2.3.1. We will issue air ticket after receiving full payment from customer. For better serving customer, in some cases, we can issue ticket after working hour or on holidays. In this case, customer agree to receive either ticket code via SMS or air ticket via email. The printed ticket and VAT invoice shall be furnished to customer or available at our office for pick-up on the next working day;

      2.3.2. After issuing ticket, we will send ticket code via SMS or e-ticket via email on the issued date. We are not responsible if customers do not receive e-ticket or code if the provided contacts are incorrect. In this case, customer should check anti-virus or spam programs or contact us to resend.

    2.4. Cancellation, changing flight time, flight itinerary

      2.4.1. Airlines may cancel the flight as scheduled even though ticket has been sold out for safety and security purpose or in the case of force major. We will immediately notify to customer right after we are noticed by airlines for flight cancellation and proposed resolution. Condition for refund/cancellation will be in accordance with airline's policy. We will be responsible to refund to customer upon receipt of payment from airlines but we will not be responsible to refund the service fee paid by customer to us.

      2.4.2. For any reasons that customer can not complete their itinerary or need to change flight time or wish to refund, customers shall have to pay extra fee or surcharge for such changes in accordance with applicable policies regulated by airlines and we are not responsible for refunding the service fee paid by customer to us.

      2.4.3. Customer can not travel but wish to change name to friend or relative. Depending on policies given by airlines, we will support customer make change name, if applicable, provided that extra fee or surcharge is paid by customer in accordance with airline's policy;

      2.4.4. Airlines may change flight number, flight time earlier or later than scheduled time for technical or security purpose, in this case, customer will receive a SMS from airlines to notify such change to the registered telephone number. We also notify customer right after we are informed by airlines for such change and we will not be responsible for any changes made by airlines;

    2.5. Member Registration

      2.5.1. The process of member registration:

        - Fill information in the form on our website;

        - Receiving confirmation of member registration with account name, a password and a link to kick-off;

        - Changing password for security purpose;

      2.5.2. Benefits of being our member:

        - No fee is applicable;

        - Using account for booking, holding reservation and accumulating point;

        - Needless to fill personal information when make booking for account member;

        - Being able to follow and review all travelling history data;

        - Being updated regularly with promotional information and other benefits given by airlines;

      2.5.3. Changing information and cancelling account.

        The registered account name and password of customers are kept confidential and will not be disclosed to the third party unless being authorized to provide information to the third party. Members can self-changing registered information in our system or may send request to us for cancelling account. In the case member using account improperly or make harm to our operation or reputation, such accounts shall be considered as violation and shall be closed by us immediately. A notice for account closing will be sent to the member thereof,

3. Claims

    3.1. Customers retain the right to complain about the service quality of our website www.flynow.vn. We will settle customer's claim within 30 days since our receipt of customer's claim;

    3.2. Claims sent by email or mail with full information about claimer with supporting evidence are considered as reasonable claims. After investigating, we will send written response to claimer within period regulated in 3.1.

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